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  • Fleurs

    These necklaces are made of real flowers together with vintage buttons and semiprecious stones

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  • le Ninfee

    These multi-strand necklaces are, made of semi-precious stones (angelite, prhenite, quartz, agate and colored jade), mother of pearl, pearls, crystals, glass and wooden beads, Italian resins.

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During a sleepless night...

Color is the beauty of life

During a sleepless night, a young woman began to imagine little bijoux that could be created with colors and creativity: this idea made her rest easy, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. The morning after she called a fashion addicted friend of her. They began to chat and decided to give life to Giacaranda, beloved daughter of an insomnia and a lasting friendship. Giacaranda revealed itself as something exciting to work on, an idea that is materializing day by day, never losing the original enthusiasm...


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